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If you've been here before, welcome back & I hope you like what I'm doing so far. If this is your first visit, please understand that this web site is specifically made for anyone with the last name Arconati who lives in the USA. Featured here will be our family tree, & many other projects I'm working on. If you are interested in learning more about me you should visit my blog or view my online portfolio.

More About What I Do

I'm Jim Arconati and I help build the Internet. But I try to be pretty humble about it.

On May 19th, I presented at Career Day at Trautwein Elementary School, where my mother works as the school counselor. I was a bit nervous about it. One of my roles is the department trainer at work & although I've presented software training numerous times, this was going to be my largest & youngest audience. Also, I only had 25 minutes!

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